2017 Ridgefield Show Series memories


A special thanks to The Golden Horseshoe for their donation of the fantastic boot bags!!

                              • Berkshire & Hathaway HUNTER CLASSIC
                                  • Raise Your Glass and Kylin Meyer
                              • Bavarian GAMBLERS CHOICE
                                  • Calloway Nell and Corrie Haack
                              • Homestead MOHJO JUMPER CLASSIC
                                  • Vrooom and Stephanie Hill
                              • Bobcat MINI DERBY
                                  • Best Kept Secret and Zoe Silkwood
                              • Mid Rivers MOHJO HUNTER DERBY
                                  • Viceroy and Madeline Gentry Ryan

***Eligibility for Series Awards***
Horse/Rider Combination -Must compete in the specified class in the September Show AND in at least one other show in the 2017 Ridgefield Series.

2017 Ridgefield Shows

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